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Our Reconciliation Statement

The Australian Citizens Radio Emergency Monitors Incorporated acknowledges the former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations. In the spirit of Reconciliation we want to give recognition to:

  • Your love for and connection to land and country
  • Your wonderful stories of creation and spirituality
  • Your family and kinship networks
  • Your beautiful art, music, literature and drama
  • Your inspiring sporting achievements
  • Your educational and business accomplishment
  • Your commitment to community service
  • Your struggle for justice and equity

The Australian Citizens Radio Emergency Monitors Incorporated (ACREM) affirms that we will work towards:

“A united Australia which respects this land of ours; values Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander heritage, and provides justice and equality for all.”

(Vision of the Council of Aboriginal Reconcilliation, 1997)

ACREM recognises Aboriginal people as the first Australians, with a unique culture and spiritual relationship to the land and sea. ACREM is strongly committed to improving the cultural, spiritual, health, emotional and economic wellbeing of indigenous people in Australia.

We commit ACREM to achieving reconciliation through:

  • actively working to increase the number of Aboriginal people that are members of ACREM;

  • actively working to increase the number of Aboriginal people in decision making positions;

  • actively working to eliminate systematic racism in the workplace;

  • incorporating Aboriginal needs, issues and positive outcomes in all our planning including consultation with key stake holders and Aboriginal communities;

  • increasing the understanding of Aboriginal identity and experience in the organisation, and in the broader community;

We are hopeful, that our Australian community appreciates your culture, people and history as making a significant and unique contribution to our nation.

Signed for and on behalf of the Australian Citizens Radio Emergency Monitors Incorporated by
Martin J. Howells

Aboriginal Flag
Torres Straight Islander Flag
UHF 5 AND 35

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