Our Supporters

Like many other non-profit groups, we could not continue to operate if it wasn’t for the generous support of the community. We would like to thank the following business houses for their valued and ongoing support of our group, and we encourage others to support them.

If you would like to offer your support to ACREM , then visit our Support Page.

nightwalker.biz™ Nightwalkerbiz’s mission is to migrate users from Windows® to Mac OS X and Linux compatible operating systems. By doing so, we provide a bridge to help users migrate from the Windows software world to these other environments and thus able to secure your computer and its network.

Behind Nightwalker Internet is a group of experienced professionals with well over 10 years experience in Computer security, electronics, computing and forensic computing.

Our experts are accomplished electronic technicians, technical computer technicians, computer forensic technicians, web design masters and licenced AUSTEL cablers.

NIGHTWALKER began in 1993 as a small partnership and has now grown to a multi-company business that can offer many services Australia wide and has overseas partnerships in many other ventures.

Telephone: (02) 4625 1952. Fax: (02) 4625 4106.
E-Mail:night@nightwalker.biz Web:http://www.nightwalker.biz

Mobile One Australia™. Since 1973 Mobile One have been making quality antennas for CB, mobile phone, modems, radio, digital TV, scanners, air band, marine, amateur radio and more. Located in Camden NSW, Mobile One antenna products can be purchased direct from the manufacturer, or through numerous retailers across Australia.

Telephone: (02) 4655 6677, Fax: (02) 4655 6600
Email Sales: sales@mobileone.com.au Web: www.mobileone.com.au