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CB Licensing in Australia

Does CB in Australia need a licence or not? Is it truly “licence-free”? Visit our CB Licensing page to learn the facts.


ACREM, the Australian Citizens Radio Emergency Monitors, is a group of trained radio operators that provide a volunteer monitoring service on the CB emergency channels , and/or other relevant local channels or repeaters, relaying calls for help from the community to the required service(s). ACREM currently operates in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, and our primary role remains the provision of volunteer monitoring services on the CB band. ACREM has affiliations with other community organisations such as ACRM(SA) and the Australian National 4WD Radio Network Inc.(VKS737).

Whilst ACREM members can help provide safety communications for community events, such as fun runs, triathlons, etc, personnel can also assist with traffic control, manning barricades, etc, if and when required by authorities or event management.

Communications Support to the Emergency Services

ACREM is a communications support unit, able to be called upon by the emergency services to assist with communications or support personnel during times of need. There is currently NO requirement for support units to be accredited by any state rescue or emergency management authority.

CB Still Saves Lives

Even with the proliferation of mobile telephones, CB is still very widely used in the community and is often used to call for help following an emergency. In fact, many people helped each year don’t even own or use a CB themselves – almost all trucks, and many 4WD’s and cars, are fitted with CB and reports of traffic accidents, breakdowns, fires, and other emergencies are often made by these users, especially in areas where mobile telephone coverage may be marginal, or following storms or bushfires when land-line and mobile telephone services may fail for lengthy periods.

CB has, and still does, save lives every year and unlike many other forms of communication, there is no ongoing fee or charge to own or use a CB, no need for individual licences, and no need to learn special jargon or codes – ACREM Monitors, and those of other similar groups, are trained to use plain language so anyone can call for help without knowing any CB jargon.

Volunteers Serving the Community

ACREM Members are entirely volunteer and receive no payment for the services they provide. Most often equipment used to provide the monitoring services are the Monitors own personal equipment. ACREM receives no form of financial sponsorship or funding and relies heavily on members and donations to continue. ACREM is endorsed as a Public Benevolent Institution and a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Taxation Office, meaning that all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. ACREM is the only CB monitoring group that holds national registration and operates in more than one state. ACREM is recognised as a valuable community service by emergency services in all states of operation (For information about the accreditation of CB monitoring groups by state rescue agencies, read our rescue accreditation page.)

ACREM also represents the interests of CB users to government departments and agencies, often in close co-operation with other groups, on matters of importance to the CB bands and/or emergency communications.

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