Fact Sheets

Our Fact Sheet series aims to supply concise information regarding the use and operation of CB in Australia. It will be added to as we find a need to create new Fact Sheets, so if you feel there is a need to cover a specific subject, please contact us with the details.

Fact Sheets are short documents (1 to 3 pages maximum) that provide simplified basic information. They are aimed for people with little or no knowledge or experience with CB Radio, to help them better understand the subject. They are not intended to provide complete technical information.

All files are in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF reader installed, click here to download and install the latest free version of Adobe Reader.


  Fact Sheet 1 (397 downloads) Licence-Free UHF Radio – why these are not really licence-free!
  Fact Sheet 2 (366 downloads)  CB Emergency Channels – what are the emergency channels? What is an emergency?
  Fact Sheet 3 (357 downloads)  Repeaters & Range Extenders – what is a repeater and how do I use one?
  Fact Sheet 4 (324 downloads)  Privacy Tones – what are the “38 privacy tones” that most modern UHF radios advertise?
  Fact Sheet 5 (321 downloads)  Installing Mobile Transceivers – basic information on mobile transceiver and antenna installation.
  Fact Sheet 6 (293 downloads)  Child Safety – information that every parent should read before allowing their child to play with any UHF radio.
  Fact Sheet 7 (393 downloads)  CB Channels – summary of the UHF and 27MHz CB channels that are legally designated.
Fact Sheet 8 (243 downloads) Permitted Equipment – information regarding what radio equipment can and cannot be used on CB bands.