Our Supporters

Like many other non-profit groups, we could not continue to operate if it wasn’t for the generous support of the community. We would like to thank the following business houses for their valued and ongoing support of our group, and we encourage others to support them.

If you would like to offer your support to ACREM , then visit our Support Page.

nightwalker.bizBehind Nightwalkerbiz Internet, is a not-for profit organisation, with a group of experienced professionals with well over 30 years experience in Computer security, Web/Email Hosting, electronics, computing, computer repairs, server design, networking and forensic computing, telecommunications, criminal justice, criminology, criminal profiling, cyber security experts, divinity & ministries.
Values: foundation for our business Nightwalkerbiz is a community based non-profit organisation, for the advancement of it’s sponsors & community based non-profit groups.
Approach: atmosphere for our business Nightwalker began in 1993 as a small partnership and has now grown to a multi-company non-profit organisation that can offer many services Australia wide and has overseas partnerships in many other ventures.
We care about our clients sites and well-being of their business and security of the network they reside on.
Nightwalkerbiz has over 270 main line Web servers & numerous other servers used for special requirements & 100 VPN servers Worldwide, combined with 144000 IP addresses, located around the world

Telephone: 1300 778 701. Ph: (02) 4604 5017.
E-Mail:night@nightwalker.biz Web:http://www.nightwalker.biz

South Eastern Communications. Providing radios and associated parts and accessories from radios to antennas, from HF to UHF CB, Pagers and pager parts, Phone parts. Also Available to assist with Marine Radio Licensing. Full ordering available at the online store.

Telephone: 1300 382 385 or 0434 720 006
Email: sales@secomms.com.au Web: wwww.secomms.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/southeastcomms

Frequency Plus. Frequency Plus provides clients with a single point of contact for frequency assignment and licensing services Australia wide. We cut through the complex ACMA licensing policies and procedures to provide clients with the latest information about radio frequency licensing in accessible and concise language.

Telephone: (07) 3800 0280
Email: admin@frequencyplus.com.au Web: www.frequencyplus.com.au

Hy-Q International (Australia) Pty Ltd. Suppliers of quartz crystal units, filters, DIL’s, voltage controlled, temperature compensated and oven controlled oscillators, monolithic and discrete filters as well as ceramic filters and resonators for over 40 years.

Telephone Sales: (03) 9562-8222
Email: websales(at)hy-q.com.au Web: wwww.hy-q.com.au

CB Domain

CBDomain.com Australia’s #1 radio hobby website based in Sydney, we do our best to bring you the latest information about HF/UHF, CB & Radio Hobbies and have done so for over 16 years.

Web: http://cbdomain.com/

Rojone Pty Ltd. Suppliers of communications antenna, cables, cable assemblies, headsets, calibration kits, connectors, components and more.

Telephone: (02) 9829 1555
Email: sales@rojone.com.au Web: wwww.rojone.com.au

Benelec Pty Ltd. Proudly Australian since 1978. Supplying Transmission Components and Devices and Radio Communication Antennas Systems to the Professional Radio Communication, Marine, Auto Vehicle Location (AVL), Wireless and Broadcast Industries for Frequency bands from 2MHz to 3GHz. Benelec also supply other related RF devices such as Broadband RF amplifiers, AC/DC Voltage Reducers, DC Power Supplies including Bench-top Varieties and 19″ Rack Mounted Battery Management Systems. Transceiver microphones and communication speakers complement this range.

Web: wwww.benelec.com.au
Sydney HQ: (02) 8397-3333, Email: contact@benelec.com.au
Queensland: (07) 3889 7711, Email: sales@benelec.com.au
Western Australia: (08) 6253 8324, Email: benelecwa@benelec.com.au